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ALL ME Podcast

Jun 29, 2021

The ALL ME® Podcast

Impact of Concussion & Potential Treatment - Dr. Beth Pieroth

The significance of concussions have been brought to light over the last 10 years to help athletes, parents, coaches, and sports medicine professionals have a better understanding of proper treatment protocols. Athletes from all sports,...

Jun 15, 2021

The ALL ME® Podcast

How to Get to the Top and Never Quit - Major Wright

When it comes to hard work and overcoming obstacles there is one man who comes to mind that shares his story about his path to success and that man is former NFL Player, Major Wright.  Nothing in life is handed to us and success doesn’t...

Jun 1, 2021

The ALL ME® Podcast

The Power of Habits for Weight Loss -  Dr. Brad Dieter

One of the most complicated puzzles to solve in today’s society is losing weight safely and effectively. What’s even more important is how can you maintain that weight loss once you’ve reached your body weight goal? With over 70% of the US...