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ALL ME Podcast

Nov 24, 2020

The ALL ME® Podcast

Strategies for a Strength & Conditioning Program - Frank Velasquez

Have you ever wanted to improve your athletic performance? It’s a goal for many of us, but we may not know how to do it. In this episode, we talk with Frank Velasquez, the Director of Sports Performance for Alleghany Health Network. Frank started his career in strength and conditioning in the world of professional baseball in 1996 working for the Texas Rangers Baseball Club.

In 2003 Frank was named the Major League Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball club where he held the position for the next 9 years. Since then Frank has been working in the privatized field of sports performance helping develop programs for athletes of all ages.

In this episode we discuss where to start when developing a strength and conditioning program of your own. What are the fundamentals? How often should we be active? When should we start? In his position, Frank also provides his perspective on the state of youth sports today. Are our young athletes being pushed too hard? Are they training too early and too hard? What pressures are they currently facing? With many young people being told to get bigger, lose weight, get stronger, get faster, etc it is important that we manage these pressures to assure we all achieve our goals the right way.

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