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ALL ME Podcast

Jan 12, 2021

The ALL ME® Podcast

A Commentary on Doping - Bob Costas

Doping in sport has been something that has been going on for many years.  There is one guy who has had the opportunity to broadcast thousands of sporting events around the globe and has always had a strong stance against doping. In this episode, we interview Hall of Fame Broadcaster and Emmy Award winning Bob Costas!

Bob is an American sportscaster who is well known for his long career with NBC sports where he started in 1980.  During his Hall of Fame Career, he’s had the opportunity to host 11 Olympic Games, Boxing, Golf, NASCAR, the NBA and many more.  In this interview he will share with us how his career got started from a very young age and why he loves the sport of Baseball.

The main focus of the interview is going to be about doping in sport where we will get his take on the Russian State Sponsored doping scandal, steroids records in Major League Baseball and what his stance is when it comes to the topic of lifetime ban for a first time doping offender.

Be sure you stay tuned to the very end of the interview where we find out what is on Bob’s Bucket List and if he were a Major League Baseball player what song would he come to the plate to!

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