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ALL ME Podcast

Sep 21, 2021

The ALL ME® Podcast

Strategies for Weight Gain – Tavis Piattoly, MS, RD, LDN

“You need to put on some weight”. It is something a lot of us hear, particularly young people, but yet we are not often given the resources on how to do it. In fact, Taylor was told this exact thing in regards to advancing his baseball career. Therefore, we wanted to make an ALL ME Podcast episode to provide insight into nutrition strategies and tips on how to gain weight safely. What better person to speak to about this than our very own Sports Dietitian Tavis Piattoly? Before working for the Taylor Hooton Foundation, Tavis was the Sports Dietitian for the New Orleans Saints from 2006-2013 and New Orleans Pelicans from 2008-2013. He also served as the Sports Dietitian for the Tulane Athletics Department from 2002-2014 and the Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine’s NFL Players Association Brain and Body program from 2013-2016. He currently serves as the Sports Dietitian and Nutrition Consultant for Fairchild Sports Performance in Houston. He is an adjunct faculty member for Concordia University of Chicago’s Exercise Science department where he teaches graduate courses in Vitamins/Minerals, Sports Nutrition, and Exercise and Nutrition for Weight Management. Tavis has worked with a variety of athletes at all levels and will be sharing many of the strategies he has used with them to setup a nutrition plan and achieve weight gain goals.

Tavis will discuss why he sees many people struggling with weight gain, the importance of a nutrition plan, what habits are crucial to create weight gain, and how nutrition is the missing link to obtaining any weight management goal. We will also spend some time discussing the Dietary Supplement industry relating to weight gain. What issues does he see in the industry? Do you need supplements to obtain weight gain? What products can help you reach your goals? Through this podcast and through the programs that we do every day, we hope to help you achieve your goals the right way!

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