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ALL ME Podcast

Nov 23, 2021

The ALL ME® Podcast

A Sports Medicine Physicians Perspective on Doping – Dr. Michele Labotz

A TrueSport Collaboration

Sports medicine is an area of medical practice that is concerned with the treatment of injuries resulting from athletic activities.  In this episode we’re going to talk with a Sports Medicine Doctor and Taylor Hooton Foundation Board Member, Dr. Michele Labotz, about her work in this field. 

Dr. Labotz has been caring for athletes at all levels of participation since 1997.   Early in her career she trained in the area of pediatrics before completing her sports medicine fellowship at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

Today she is one of the most sought after physicians when it comes to talking with young athletes, parents and professionals about the perils of Appearance and Performance Enhancing Substance abuse.  Dr. Labotz also has a passion for sharing her wealth of knowledge about how to fuel the body through nutrition.  Part of our discussion will talk about how nutrition can not only help an athlete’s performance, but also play a key role in their recovery from an injury.

One of Dr. Labotz’ passions is providing education on this topic to the LGBTQ+ Community.  Many have asked how does Appearance and Performance Enhancing Substances relate to the LGBTQ+ community.  This is a topic that we’re going to discuss and one that needs a lot of attention following a recent study by the Maine Integrated Youth Health Survey.

Thank you again for tuning in.  We hope you enjoy the valuable information that Dr. Michele Labotz provides in this podcast.

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