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ALL ME Podcast

Feb 7, 2023

The ALL ME® Podcast

Effects of Prescription Drugs on Vitamin/Mineral Status – Dr. Jessica Beal

Currently in the US, there are 131 million individuals who use prescription medication. Whether that’s to lower high cholesterol or blood pressure or treat a specific disease like diabetes, the pharmaceutical industry generates close to $500 billion in annual revenue. With the amount of individuals using prescription drugs today, how many realize the medication in which they are taking could be depleting their body from important vitamins and minerals. In this podcast, we speak with pharmacist Dr. Jessica Beal, who discusses the role of medication on vitamin and mineral depletion. We specifically dive into which medications pose the most significant risk at causing a nutrient deficiency along with what type of side effects to expect when deficient.

We close out with how to prevent nutrient depletion but stay tuned until the end where Dr. Beal explains what she would say to young Jessica if she could go back in time.

Jessica Beal, PharmD

Jessica is as an athlete and healthcare care provider. She was a 3-sport letterman in high school, club volleyball player, 4 yr D1 volleyball player, CrossFit athlete, and current national and international Olympic weightlifter.  She understands the grueling workout schedules, balancing school with competition and training, and trying to find rest and recovery in both mind and body.

As a pharmacist for over 15 years, most of her career has been dispensing medications for chronic conditions and educating thousands of patients about their health, disease states, medication, and supplements. However, as the community pharmacist's role evolved from just dispensing, she dove into integrative and functional medicine foundations to be a better health professional and coach for her patients. She realized the core of most patients' conditions as they often missed the foundations and tools for understanding nutrition, daily movement, quality sleep, self-care, and the impacts of chronic stress.


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