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ALL ME Podcast

Mar 21, 2023

The ALL ME® Podcast

Anti-Doping Norway - Kristoffer Loftheim

While most of our work at the Taylor Hooton Foundation take place in the United States, that doesn’t mean that the use of Appearance and Performance Enhancing Substances isn't happening world wide. The desire to achieve your physical goals creates...

Mar 7, 2023

The ALL ME® Podcast

Impact of Mental and Physical Fatigue on Health? - Ali Boolani, PhD

When you think of the word fatigue, you may associate this with just being tired. Fatigue is more than just being tired or sleepy as many people who have fatigue are so drained, that their exhaustion interrupts their daily...

Feb 21, 2023

The ALL ME® Podcast

Developing Usable Strength  – Jose Vazquez, MPT, RSCC*E

Strength.  What is it?  Why is it important to our health?  In today’s podcast we’re going to be talking to Jose Vazquez who is the Major League Strength Coach for the Texas Rangers.  From the time he was a young man growing up in...

Feb 7, 2023

The ALL ME® Podcast

Effects of Prescription Drugs on Vitamin/Mineral Status – Dr. Jessica Beal

Currently in the US, there are 131 million individuals who use prescription medication. Whether that’s to lower high cholesterol or blood pressure or treat a specific disease like diabetes, the pharmaceutical industry...

Jan 24, 2023

The ALL ME® Podcast

Why is a Healthy Gut so Critical for Health - Abby Grimm, MS, RDN, LD

 Did you know there’s about 100 trillion bacteria in the gut and it’s a combination of good and bad that live in our digestive system.

This is also known as the gut microbiota and determining how healthy your gut is can...