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ALL ME Podcast

Nov 14, 2023

The ALL ME® Podcast

Can you test positive from what you eat?  - Dr. Brad Johnson

Over the years, we have seen athletes claim that they had a positive drug test due to contaminated meat that they consumed. Is this a possibility? We decided to answer this question through a podcast episode with Dr. Brad Johnson. Brad is a professor at Texas Tech University and the Gordon W. Davis Regent’s Chair in Meat Science and Muscle Biology. He has been in the animal science field his whole life and has also been chosen to be part of the United Nations and World Health Organization Committee on food additives safety (JECFA).


 We talk to Brad about his background in the field and his current research before diving into the main topic of growth and development in meat animals. We discuss what agents and hormones are typically used in these animals, how often they are used, how they are typically given, and the regulations on meat in the United States. We tackle the question of if it is possible to test positive on a drug test if eating animals that were given these additives, how much meat you would have to eat for this to be possible, the risks of consumption in some other countries, and tips for athletes that are consuming meat, particularly internationally. Thanks to Dr. Johnson for sharing his time and expertise on this topic!  

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