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ALL ME Podcast

Nov 30, 2021

The ALL ME® Podcast

Women In Sport: An Equity Conversation – Mandy Marquardt, Veronica Day, and Amara Mbionwu

A TrueSport Collaboration

Equity-it is a concept that we are all familiar with, but unfortunately in many settings today it is still not taking place. The setting we will be focusing on today is equity in women’s sport. Often times women are faced with an uneven playing field when it comes to athletics. In this episode we will talk with three successful female athletes to dive further into this issue of equity and what can be done to help close that gap.

Mandy Marquardt is a Professional Track Sprint Cyclist living and racing with type 1 diabetes for the USA Cycling National Team and Team Novo Nordisk, the world’s first-all diabetes professional cycling team. She is an 18 time US National Champion, a 3-time American record holder, and also a member of the Taylor Hooton Foundation’s ALL ME Advisory Board.

Veronica Day is a member of the Team USA Skeleton Racing Team. She has been selected to Team USA 4 times and is a previous National Push Champion and North American Cup Champion.

Amara Mbionwu is a Professional Netball Player who serves as Captain for the Team USA Netball Team and has been awarded multiple MVP awards during her playing career. 

This episode will tackle many topics within the construct of equity. What does true equity look like? What are the challenges women face that hold us back from achieving equity? What are the consequences of those challenges? We also have important dialogue on the prejudices, behaviors, and pressures young females face in today’s society. Finally we will wrap up the discussion talking with the athletes about the positives of being involved in sport, the life lessons they have learned along the way, and the legacy they hope to leave for future female athletes.

This episode is another discussion in our TrueSport collaboration series. TrueSport aims to change the culture of youth sport by providing powerful educational tools to equip young athletes with the resources to build life skills and core values for success on and off the field. All of these athletes serve as TrueSport Ambassadors, which means they embody all of the values and mission of TrueSport and serve as incredible role models who insprire others through not just through their sports participation but the positive journeys that they share.

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