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ALL ME Podcast

Apr 14, 2020

The ALL ME® Podcast

Tips for Better Sleep & Performance - Dr. Singh

Sleep is such a critical piece to our overall health and wellness as well as for those looking to optimize their athletic performance. Millions of people globally have tried numerous methods to improve their sleep whether it is through better sleep hygiene, a dietary supplement, or a prescription based drug. How much sleep do you need each night and can impaired sleeping habits increase your chances of gaining weight? Can a consistent pattern of insufficient sleep negatively impact your health?

In this episode, we will be speaking with sleep expert Dr. Meeta Singh who has worked with a variety of professional teams from the World Series Champion Washington Nationals to the Detroit Lions, Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Tigers, Detroit Pistons, and the New Orleans Saints to help their athletes improve their sleeping patterns. We’ll dive deep into the benefits a getting adequate sleep, how a lack of sleep impacts your health, sleep hygiene, and whether or not there are any dietary supplements that can improve your sleeping habits.

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